Time Change

Just a quick note to acknowledge that it was probably kind of foolish of me to resolve an early morning Bible reading time the day before the time shifted back one hour in my time zone.  Or was it forward one hour?  At any rate, all I know is that waking up at 7am made […]

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I have been a teacher in some capacity for a little over 20 years.  I feel that in order to be a good teacher it is important to be an excellent learner.  So, I have worked diligently at the process of learning how to learn. Without getting to deep into “teacher lingo” I can tell […]

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The Certainty of Not Knowing

I’ve been troubled lately by my cynicism when I read through the Bible. I read about Peter being rescued from prison by angels, and I think, “That’s a convenient cover story for a prison break.” I read about Samson’s mother, barren and hopeless.  An angel told her she would have a child. I wonder if maybe she made […]

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The Pattern of Confusion

As I read through my Bible I have been somewhat guaranteed that every tenth chapter that I read will leave me utterly confused.  I’ve become so sure of this phenomena that as I come upon this tenth chapter I go ahead and ask God, “Are you going to explain this one to me?” I’ve mentioned […]

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Calling in Sick

Cough, cough… I’m.. umm.. not going to be able to blog today.  I.. uh.. think I might have a cold. Honesty and consistency are two of the commitments I made at the beginning of this blog.  The tough thing is that when I’m inconsistent, it sure is tempting to be just a smidge dishonest about […]

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Chew on this

Every once in a while a new idea will come along that puts my worldview into a wobble.  Weird choice of words, I know.  But wobbly is how my brain feels after days and weeks of shifting my way of seeing my world. Learning and teaching have always been a huge part of my life. […]

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One of the things I’ve been practicing is asking God about the things that I don’t get. Here is a list of a few questions I have today. Why did the awful actions of people in the Old Testament seem to get glossed over like they were no big deal? Do I have to like […]

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You [don’t] owe me.

Entitlement. It’s a word that I hear thrown around quite a bit these days.  Usually in connection with “those millennials.”  The entitlement started way before anyone thought to call themselves hipsters or thugs though.  There is the Bill of Rights and human rights and women’s rights and animal rights.  And while I believe in the […]

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So far, so good

It’s been almost three weeks since I first set out to reform my hypocritical ways.  It’s been an overall positive experience so far. The worst part would have to be owning up to a lot of the awful habits and attitudes that have crept in and taken over. I thought it would be really difficult […]

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