Bloggers gonna blog

Sometimes I just need to be able to stare at a blank wall for as long as I want without interruption and without feeling guilty or lazy.

And just think.  Or not think.  Here’s a few things that came from my wall-staring time today.

What is my intrinsic motivation for doing this blog?  For one thing, it’s the accountability it provides for my spiritual growth and honesty.

How do I push beyond the procrastination of writing?  I write.  Whether it is good writing or not.  No matter how the blog post may come across to a reader.  I write.

This is what I am committed to doing… Read the Bible, Write on the Blog, and Be Honest

I was reading Mark 14 this evening.  Jesus was at a feast.  Some of the people there loved him and some hated him.  In the middle of everything going on, a woman came to him and did something pretty crazy.  She poured a jar of very expensive perfume on him in an act of love and sacrifice.  This brought a lot of attention and criticism, and I imagine that it smelled like the Macy’s make-up counter during the Christmas rush.  But Jesus went straight to her defense.

“Leave her alone.”

I think Jesus saw that this woman was showing her love in the only way that she knew how.

If my heart and my motives are pure, I have nothing to fear from the judgement of people.  I will open my heart and offer what I have available to me… my time, my limited writing skills, my love for God, and my commitment to my family.

And if Taylor Swift is right about one thing it is that “haters gonna hate.”  But when that happens I feel sure that I will hear God’s protective voice.

“Leave her alone.”

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