Truth Rebranded

This concept of being a hypocrite is that the self that I show to others does not match my true self.  I cannot say for sure whether the age of social media in which we live makes it more difficult to give a true representation of yourself.  But I feel like it certainly doesn’t help.

In the past, I only wanted to share things with others that will support the “image” or “personal brand” that I was trying to establish.  And though I’m not fully recovered from that way of approaching life, I find that truth and authenticity is what my heart desires.

It is scary for me to think about what others might think if they knew I had self-diagnosed myself as a hypocritical Christian.  Would they feel betrayed or tricked?  Would they even understand what I mean by using that negative and often misused label?

Here I am though, on this journey to bring my truth and my personal brand into unity.  If I were a public figure with a PR staff they would no doubt advise against this approach.  There is a real possibility that I will be severely misunderstood.

All I can do is press on toward the truth of who I am and who God created me to be… one day at a time.


via Daily Prompt: Controversy

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