Calling in Sick

Cough, cough… I’m.. umm.. not going to be able to blog today.  I.. uh.. think I might have a cold.

Honesty and consistency are two of the commitments I made at the beginning of this blog.  The tough thing is that when I’m inconsistent, it sure is tempting to be just a smidge dishonest about it.

Here’s the thing.  When my family is all home, it gets really difficult to sneak away to read, write in my journal, and type a blog post.  You see, I know that this is important work for my spiritual growth and even my emotional well-being.  I just can’t help but think what it looks like from the outside.

In my mind, it looks like I’m sitting around being lazy and getting lost on Candy Crush, or Facebook, or Yahoo News.  (By the way, all of those could have been true at an earlier stage of my life.)

I sit down to focus on my Bible reading, knowing that my husband is working on a home-improvement project and my kids are in a video game free-for-all, not sure if we are going to eat at all today.  I just get all knotted up inside.  I don’t want my family to feel neglected.

As I’m typing this, it comes to mind that one solution would be to revisit my stance on what time of day I choose to do my Bible reading.  Sigh.  Why can’t this just be the easiest, most natural thing I’ve ever done?

Ok.  Tomorrow I’m trying the alarm clock again.

p.s.  The chicken soup won’t be necessary.  I’m feeling much better.




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