One of the things I’ve been practicing is asking God about the things that I don’t get.

Here is a list of a few questions I have today.

  • Why did the awful actions of people in the Old Testament seem to get glossed over like they were no big deal?
  • Do I have to like everybody?
  • Do I have to get along with everybody?
  • What should I do next with my life?
  • I really don’t understand the book of Job.
  • Why do people start conversations when they know it’s going to turn into an argument?
  • What does it really mean for me, as a wife, to “submit” to my husband?

Some days I have way more questions than I have answers.  I’m just going to keep asking.  Even if God did decide to give me a direct answer to all these questions, there is no way I would be ready to understand them all.

That gives me an idea for one final question.

  • Will you give me the wisdom to understand the answers as you give them to me?

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