What must I do?

Mark 10 is packed full of people that have questions for Jesus.  Some are trying to trick him, some seem to want to control him, and some want something more personal.  There are two in particular that resonate with me.

“Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

On the surface, this seems like a noble question.  I think he was well-intending, but when Jesus gives him the answer.  He turns sadly and walks away.

His real question was, “Is this enough?”  That’s what I want to know everyday.  Have I done just enough to pass?

“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!  I want to see.”

This request is different.  It isn’t about what I must do to be good enough.  It is full of faith that Jesus has something powerful to offer that I desperately want.  When Jesus grants his request, he naturally and seemingly without thought follows Jesus.

Looking at these two, I can clearly see the wrong attitudes that have shaped me into the hypocrite I have become.  If I continue to ask, “Is what I’m doing good enough?”  I will, like the rich man walk away sad.  The truth is… it never will be enough.  I am broken and selfish.  Even if I could do enough for Christ to repay what he has done for me, I know that in my awful self-centeredness I never will.

I long to be like the blind man who approaches Jesus knowing his own limitations and problems.  I want to see.

I want to see God and know him.  I want to see where he is leading so I can follow.  I want to see people as God sees them, with love and compassion.

“Jesus, I want to see.”


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