So far, so good

It’s been almost three weeks since I first set out to reform my hypocritical ways.  It’s been an overall positive experience so far.

The worst part would have to be owning up to a lot of the awful habits and attitudes that have crept in and taken over.

I thought it would be really difficult to stick with my goal of reading the Bible every day.  And I guess, if I were handing out grades, I would not get a perfect 100%.  But I think that giving myself enough grace to move past the bumps in the road has helped tremendously.  It has also helped that I did not attempt a difficult reading plan which I would be bound to mess up.

The bottom line on the Bible reading for me has been Low Expectations + Grace = Sustainability.

As a hypocrite, life has been a series of deceptions.  Who I am does not match up with who I claim to be.  I am finding the truth about who I am, the good and the bad.  And that gives me hope.


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