Proverbs 3 includes an often quoted passage.  “Trust in the Lord.”

The part that spoke to me while I was reading today was what comes after that.  “Lean not on your own understanding.”

The Israelites had this tendency.  So do I.

In Judges 10, Israel had made some really bad choices, and they just kept going further and further down the wrong path.  They finally came to a place where they couldn’t stand it anymore.  They asked for God’s help.

Does this plot line sound familiar?

The surprising thing to me is that God doesn’t agree to help right away.  Looking closely at the order of events I think that maybe God was waiting.  They had gotten so far off track that they were worshipping other gods (statues, animals, etc.)  When they asked for God’s help, he puts them off.  But when they pair their request with an action, the action of getting rid of all the false gods, he chooses to have mercy on them once again.

As long as I lean on my own understanding, my good ideas, or even the opinions of my Facebook friends, I’m not leaving room for God.  If that’s where my heart is, I wonder if it matters how many times I ask for God’s help.

I not only need to Ask and Listen.  I also need to trust God and turn toward him.

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