Personal space

Well, I’ve been writing this blog for ten days now.  Doesn’t seem like a huge deal unless you’re the one doing it… which I am.

I have begun wondering about if and when I will ever tell anyone about this blog.  Today I was talking to (actually texting with) my aunt about the love of God and how that is portrayed in our love for our children.  I had such an urge to say, “Hey, you should check out this blog I’ve been reading.”  Even in just thinking about it, I still wasn’t willing to admit that I’m the one writing it.

At this very moment, my two daughters are looking over my shoulders, asking, “What are you writing about?”

This has become my personal space that just happens to be out in public.  Kind of like the booth way back in the corner of Panera Bread.  I’m the only one who know about that spot… Right?

If you accidentally find me here in my little corner of the internet… feel free to join me.  But for now, I don’t think I’ll be sending out any invitations.

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