It’s simple

One of the things I love about God is that he will take an idea that seems quite unattainable for someone like me, and he puts it on the bottom self of the cabinet.  So, all I have to do is reach out and take hold of it.

Proverbs 2 says that it is possible to find the knowledge of God.  (I was just thinking a few days ago about knowing God.)  And it gives a pretty long, but also surprisingly simple list of what we can do to gain this understanding.

  • accept my words
  • store up my commands within you
  • turn your ear to wisdom
  • apply your heart to understanding
  • call out for insight
  • look for it as for silver
  • search for it as for hidden treasure

For my simple mind, I further boiled this list down to some simple action verbs (yes I did pay attention in 5th grade English class).

  • believe
  • remember
  • listen
  • think
  • ask
  • ask again
  • look
  • look again

The cool thing about this concept is that God isn’t giving out grades according to who asked the best questions or thought the deepest thoughts.  It’s pretty much an “A for effort” situation.  Somewhere else in the Bible (I think it’s James) it says that God gives wisdom to those who ask without showing favoritism.

So, my challenge is to believe what he says, remember what he says, listen to what he says, think about what he says, ask for more answers, and look for more answers.

I feel like all this falls under two of the main commitments I’ve already made.

Read the Bible and pray.

For anyone who has been in church or around Christianity very long, this may seem like I’m answering a question in a preschool Bible class.  But I’m finding that the thing that needs done is rarely very complicated.  My job is to just do it, no matter how oversimplified it feels.

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