Public display of dedication

I’ve been thinking about the things in life that I allow to distract me from seeking God wholeheartedly.  I began to wonder if this blog in itself might not be another stone to stumble on in my path.  Am I setting myself up to become so focused on writing and updating this blog that I neglect the work of spending time listening for God’s voice?

I was reading in Genesis 35.  In this part of the story, Jacob does many things that seem a little odd.  The one that stuck out to me was the pillar that he set up in the place that God had spoken to him.

Pillars were put up as a public sign of significance.  A reminder and a conversation starter about what went on in this place, at this time.

In our culture today, this blog that I’m working on is, in many ways, my public sign of how God is communicating with me at this time.

I see three important things that happen between God and Jacob in verses 9-15.  And I can’t help but feel that it mirrors what I am personally experiencing with God through this process.

First, God gives Jacob a new persona.  He changed his name from Jacob to Israel.  The significance of this I will probably never fully grasp, but in those days your name was even more critical in shaping your identity than it is today.  In starting this blog I have taken on a new persona for myself, writing under a different name than the one I am known to most people.

Also, God gives Jacob a new purpose.  Jacob is given the direction to be fruitful and multiply.  Through Jacob, God is fulfilling his promise to Abraham that his offspring would be more than the stars in the sky.  My new purpose here remains to be completely clear to me, but I know that God is leading me to share my journey with others so that others will be encouraged to wholeheartedly seek God along with me.

Lastly, God gives Jacob a new promise.  The well known and controversial promise that God makes to Jacob at this time is the same as He had promised Abraham before… the Promised Land.  I have been holding on to my own promise from God in this process.  The promise that I will find God and draw into a close relationship with Him.

I’m sure that I will continue to think about the role that this blog has in my life, and whether or not it is a help or a hinderance in my pursuit of God.  For now, I will view this as the pillar I have set up at this time and in this place as my public sign that God is meeting me where I am.  He is gracious enough to me during this time to speak truth to my heart.. to give me peace and purpose.

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