I’ve already mentioned a few things I am committing to do in pursuit of seeking God.  I just wanted to get them listed out here to remind me of what my goals are when I lose focus.  Not if, but when.  I do know myself well enough to know that in about a week and a half I’m going to be thinking, “Now what am I doing? And why?”

So, here are the few goals I have for this process.

  • Be Honest – With myself and anyone who accidentally stumbles upon this secret and obscure blog of mine.
  • Read the Bible Every Day – Even if it’s just a verse or two.
  • Pray Every Day – Preferably writing these prayers in my pretty little journal.  This is another thing that I have learned helps with my focus issues.

That’s it!  There is a lot more that I could try to be or do.  But I want this to be a long-term growth.  I’m afraid if I try to do some fancy Bible study of the Greek and Hebrew origins, or single-handedly stop human trafficking.  I will burn out in two days, and be right back in my uber-hypocrisy.  But if God could grow me into the person who could make an impact on huge important issues in our hurting world, I would be humbled and grateful.

For now though, I will begin to seek him where I am.

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