Morning or Evening?

If I’m going to sincerely seek God, I realize I am going to need to spend some time and energy (and thinking and soul-searching).

But I also really feel that I’m always going to struggle with knowing what time of day is best.  Morning or Evening?  And what exactly does this seeking God look like?  Quiet secluded spaces… coffee and a journal… all the Beth Moore books that money can buy?

These are the questions I hope to sort out on this journey.

If you happen to accidentally read this blog (that no one in the world knows about except me), please understand that I am still figuring these things out.  I am not perfect nor do I expect to be… ever.

That being said, I guess the morning/evening question is temporarily resolved.  Since I’m not ready to know what is “best,” I will keep taking it one day/one hour at a time.

Some days, like today, will be a read-my-Bible-in-the-morning kind of day.  But others won’t.  Instead of telling myself that I’ve failed once again, I’ll try to move on and keep striving toward God.

Two verses come to mind.  I don’t know where either are found.  Maybe I need Beth Moore on speed dial.  Or I could just Google it.

The first says, “You will seek me and you will find me if you seek me with all your heart.”  I really love this verse.  Even though logically and grammatically it seems a little off.

The other is, “Draw close to God and He will draw close to you.”

I take heart in both of these verses as promises that knowing God more closely is not only possible… it’s what He wants.

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