I’ll try to expound more later, but I’m being led to see that this “desert” that I’ve gotten so used to may not be a desert at all.

So far today…

I pushed snooze on my alarm more times than I can count.  Why does Everyone say you Absolutely have to have quiet time in the morning to seek God.  Is He harder to find in the afternoon or evening?  We’ll have to see how this morning thing plays out.

Got some coffee (decaf so I don’t get a headache later).

Read Mark 8:1-4 because that is where I had put my bookmark… who knows how long ago that actually was?

Wrote in my pretty new journal that my mom got me for Christmas.

Read today’s reading from “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.  That felt like I was being a bit too ambitious at first, but I did learn an important point about prayer.  I hope to share about that a little later.

Now I’m going to face the rest of my day.  With some inspirational music in the background.  Thank you, Pandora.

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