Being a hypocrite requires a constant state of denial.  And not just denial that I am in fact a hypocrite. Here are a few truths that I am denial about on a regular basis. I’m not nearly as awesome as I think I am. I’m not the inspiring person that I want people to think […]

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I’ve started lots of different Bible reading plans through the years.  And usually it only takes a few weeks before I completely fall off the wagon. What’s the difference so far this time?  Well, I think one thing that is helping me stick with it is that I am giving myself a healthy dose of […]

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My first guest post!

Pretty cool news around here! I submitted a guest post for Devotional Diva awhile back and it was published this week! I’m having that same feeling that I get when someone new is coming over to my house for dinner.  Except instead of straightening up the kitchen, I have the urge to edit some old […]

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Bloggers gonna blog

Sometimes I just need to be able to stare at a blank wall for as long as I want without interruption and without feeling guilty or lazy. And just think.  Or not think.  Here’s a few things that came from my wall-staring time today. What is my intrinsic motivation for doing this blog?  For one […]

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Scattered Thoughts

Well, watch out!  I’m feeling pretty scatter-brained today.  So, I’m feeling some rambling coming on. One thing I’m having trouble resolving today is the fact that as I read my Bible I’m thinking mainly of what I could say about it in the blog.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I have the […]

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I know I don’t have very many readers, and that it’s quite possible that no one even saw the blog in the past few days.  But I just wanted to post an explanation. A few days ago my blog was accidentally hacked.  Nothing serious… Just my son accidentally publishing his homework writing prompt on my […]

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What did you expect?

If you don’t sing the right kind of music…. If you dress inappropriately…. If you don’t give to the church…. If you haven’t been baptized the right way…. Or at the right age…. Or in the right church…. If you married a non-Christian… If you don’t volunteer…. Or attend a bible study…. Or tell people […]

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Ignorance Embraced

I’ve been told that religion is just a crutch and that those who believe in God are ignorant.  Up until the past few days, I have been personally offended by these accusations.  I think I’ve mentioned before that being labeled as ignorant is not something that sits well with me. Then, God showed me something […]

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Truth Rebranded

This concept of being a hypocrite is that the self that I show to others does not match my true self.  I cannot say for sure whether the age of social media in which we live makes it more difficult to give a true representation of yourself.  But I feel like it certainly doesn’t help. […]

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